About Liberty Filtration

Liberty Filtration, LLC is located in Iron River, WI near the south shore of Lake Superior.  We custom manufacture a full line of industrial filters from multiple types of media for all of your filtration requirements.

Liberty Filtration manufactures your custom line of filters with you, the customer in mind providing a personal level of service that is unmatched in the industry.  We can custom design your filter or provide you with a full line of Sovema dust collector bags made with special heat resistant media, with or without PTFE membrane, DCE Vokes, RF Filter, RJ Filter, Con-E-Co, Belgrade, McNeilus and Griffin Bags.

In addition, Liberty Filtration can design your bags with custom grounding solutions, wear cuffs from 2” to 12” or 6” tuff cuffs.  Our designs can incorporate several different mounting tops including snap band, open loop, triangle / A hanger, grommet or raw edge tops along with hem & cord, disc/circle, plain hem or snap band bottoms.

Because Liberty Filtration is a customer orientated manufacturer, we look forward to working with you on a personal level to provide you with all of your filtration needs.